Goodbye English Winter

So here it is, the day before hopping onto a plane to fly ( one way ) to the other side of the planet. Back to the very spot on the planet that I started from to be exact. What many people would describe as returning ‘home’. I’m not sure I know how to feel about that. The past two months have been spent working away as a Live-In Carer in Hampshire, England. Planned to be a easy cash grab, it turned out to be a challenging and draining stint of work. Sitting in here in the kitchen, on my last night shift is somewhat surreal. Everything will be different tomorrow. I may never return to this place. My future is largely unplanned, the only real plans being those outlined in this blog. I want to explore the world, and I want to explore myself through martial arts. Of course, I have a thousand other goals, plans and aspirations but they are all being molded around those two commandments.
Step one: Stay awesome

Next stop Australia, away from the English Winter and back to my hometown of Wollongong. There I will find old friends, cherished family & my much loved MMA gym; the place where I took the first hesitant, clumsy steps of my passionate journey. But what else will I find when I return ‘home’? How much will have changed? How will people have changed? And what about those who have not? What old paradigms and Demons of the past will return to haunt me? How will I fit into the puzzle now? Who knows?
Only time will answer these questions dear friends. I am excited to see, but strangely hesitant also. I have so much to do, so many adventures half formed in my mind. Everytime I set out into the unknown, I get another glimpse as to how vast, strange and impossibly wonderful this planet is. Whenever I show up in a new place, friendless and alone it seems so alien; but a short time later I have been welcomed and loved upon by some unexpected and incredible humans. Wherever I find exotic differences in human behaviour I glimpse the similarities too. Like the same story told a thousand different ways, with a million different tongues. And I so long to hear those stories! To join in the telling and add my own flavor to the delightful dishes of the world. I have not yet even arrived back home & a part of me is already restless! What an awesome problem to have…too much awesomeness.


No doubt this time away will allow me to view my home with a fresh appreciation. I will be able to examine familiar sights & see them anew. Perhaps also with old friends? Perhaps even with you? Oh how exciting.
So what is my point? I’m not sure I have a point today, I just wanted to express where I am at right now. It’s a unique moment in time, I am excited about the future. And I promise you this gentle readers, glorious and fantastical things are afoot. Next year will be magical and adventurous in ways I have not yet even fathomed, with characters I have yet to meet. Action, adventure, romance….and a quest! Yes, I can feel it! More on that as it comes in, for now I must finish my packing. Good luck to you today human. I hope you discover something wonderful, it’s a fantastic day outside.

Peace. Love. Triangles

From a rather exhausted and dishevelled