Social isolation & too much coffee

It’s been some time since my last update….I don’t have an excuse for that. Excuses are lame anyway. I won’t try to fill you in on all that has happened between now & then, too much life has gone by to be contained in one little blog post. Instead, we shall focus upon the here & now.
HERE is Farnborough England, specifically in a tiny little cafe drinking a giant Mocha. Yep, I am being that guy working on his blog in public space.
I have returned to my old post working as a Live-In Carer 7 days per week. Once again experiencing the grind of working without days off & the enduring the challenges of social isolation. The plus side being I am once again earning currency & have no real expenses. Also, I have a lot of time to pursue personal development. Or not. The purpose of this stint it to merely refill the coffers before heading home to Australia to spend time with family over Christmas. Because it’s all well and good being kick ass at life & gallivanting off into the sunset- but maintaining the relationships that are meaningful is a super important part of life. For me, I am due to spend some quality face-time with loved ones, not just for my own enjoyment but to actively invest in those relationships. I have such beautiful people waiting for me back home & I am eager to sow into those from whom I have reaped such rich harvests. And no doubt will do again.

But fear not gentle readers! This is not a post about me hanging up my gloves & settling down into normality. Far from it! When I return I will be headed to one of my favourite MMA gyms on the planet to train with the fearsome creatures at Windang Fight Gym, where my MMA journey truly began. I am beyond excited to roll with all my old training partners & hear my coach’s voice again over the din of training.
gym-black-300x225As for settling down…well I have a thousand and one ideas, aspirations & adventures rattling around my mind. All of which should be given life if possible, it is simply a matter of putting them into order. I say ‘all’ because I think taking an idea out of the ephemeral world of thoughts & bringing it into some form of tangible existence, that’s a sacred thing. It’s great to accomplish large, worthy goals, of course, but I also place great value on the little things. The little ideas. Little things often turn out to be big things, don’t they say? Hug your cat. Lick a puppy. Choke your training partners. Live those wacky little side plots & bring those tiny ideas into life. It’ll help programme that big powerful brain of yours to remember that you can do cool shit. Good to remind yourself of that one.  
hal-jordanWhich brings us to the NOW. Other than training & socialising, I don’t exactly know what I will do when I return home. I do not know which direction to take my life once Christmas is done. I do not know which adventure to pursue. And that is totally fine. It is 100% OK. Planning future adventures, scheming world domination, & pondering future possibilites are some of my favorite things to think about. However, as my recent Thailand adventures & complications have firmly demonstrated, life’s twisty & strange. Plans fail. Plots change in an instant. That’s OK too. You don’t need to know all the time. You don’t even need a plan all the time. Sometimes you just need to do. Or not do. So, for now, I’m just a guy doing the work thing. I train. I sleep. I eat good. And I am happy in the now. I feel pretty confident I’ll be happy in the future too. And sad. And all the other things. That’s part of the ride my lovely friends. Hope you’re enjoying the ride today, if not….well just remember we’re talking monkeys on a chunk of dirt flying through nothingness, & that one day this chunk of dirt will be engulfed by a giant fireball as the sun explodes. And on the Universe will roll. So enjoy the ride my monkey friends.

Until next time,
Peace, Love & Triangles

Scotty (has-had-too-much-coffee)

Week 3 Tiger Muay Thai

Week 3! Big week. Big, big week.

Well, The good news is…

After a visit to the hospital and having my skin checked by biopsy, I have been cleared of fungus and received the Dr’s green light for grappling, punching stuff and other super awesome activities! So naturally I was pretty pleased to be making a return to the mats.


Yeah, check out my post training peace sign/ thumbs up combo.
I had the pleasure of meeting UFC veteran Roger Huerta during a BJJ class and to discuss the progress of my former training partner, rising star Alex Volkanovski. I am not ashamed to say, I was a little overwhelmed by being in the same place as one of the fighters who inspired my explorations into MMA. It was a bit of a fanboy moment for me & I regret nothing. This week I have been privileged to watch some epic local Muay Thai. Including Tiger’s BJJ Coach Alex Schild spectacular knock-out victory, which was a pleasure to watch. If you ever get the chance to see Muay Thai matches live in Thailand, I highly recommend the experience. Each night usually hosts about 10 or so fights, usually with varying skill levels through the night. It is common to see matches with foreigners or young children competing. Whilst savage at first glance, the sport is highly technical, with success often requiring a strong fit body and a cunning mind.AlexSchildpostfight

Tiger BJJ Coach Alex Schild post fight.
This week also saw the 86th Tiger Muay Thai BBQ beatdown, a monthly party in which guests BBQ, drink & socialise. Most people train pretty hard, so the night off & social atmosphere is a welcome change. Several guest provide entertainment in the form of Amateur Muay Thai or MMA matches, then followed by standard drunk dancing. This gave me the perfect opportunity to unleash my questionable dancing skills and cheer at my fellows beating each other senseless. UFC and Pride Legend Mark Hunt was the guest of the night, who provided me with even for fanboy excitement. This reached a climax when I literally bumped into him at the bar and immediately panicked, fleeing like a small child.


Because, you know….Mark Hunt is kinda scary.
The bad news is, in classic ‘returning from a training layoff’ style, I have managed to acquire a minor injury during training. Last night, whilst my bear-like brother attempted to pass my guard I managed to strain some muscles in my core. A quick Dr visit confirmed no bone damage to the rib, estimated 2- 4 week recovery time. So training will be rather limited again for the near future. Which sucks of course, but could be much much worse. The rest of my time here at time is probably a training write off, so between all my medical disasters, I will only manage around 5 training sessions in a one month period. Abysmal, but better than none. This month has not gone to plan, but things rarely do. The way we deal with this, and every other problem we encounter, this is the true display of one’s character. Or for all you Sci-fi nerds, to put it a different way:

‘The success or failure of your deeds, does not add up to the sum of your life. Your spirit cannot be weighed. Judge yourself by the intentions of your actions and the strength with which you faced the challenges that have stood your way. The Universe is vast and we are small. There is only one thing we can truly ever control, whether we are good or evil.’

Oma Desala
Now, the terms ‘Good’ & ‘Evil’ are highly subjective, but nevertheless I love the spirit of this quote. So much of life truly is outside our control & this isn’t such a bad thing. It’s natural to wish to control everything, it happens to all of us, but in truth, we have so very little control over anything in life. People and circumstances will surprise us. Our bodies inevitably betray us. Our own thoughts wriggle and squirm through dark places we would rather not go. Don’t panic. Just do your best boys and girls. Do your best to be good. Love what you love, it is a much better use of your time than hating what you hate.

Peace. Love. Triangles.


Time Distortion in Copenhagen

Let me just start by saying that this has been a rather strange week. Coming from the schedualed and somewhat socially isolated lifestyle of being a Live-in-Carer, to find myself loosed upon the streets of Copenhagen amidst the organised chaos of Distortion…it’s been an adjustment. Whilst originally intending to be busy rolling around with the BJJ Globetrotters, sadly I have remained ridden with Ringworm for the entire whole week.

So what was planned to be a week of this…

(See how much fun choking each other is?)



Turned into a week of this….



Distorted Sunset

Scandinavian sunsets truly are a wonder to behold. This week I have managed to catch more sunrises that sunsets so far. In truth, these days of partying have done my body no favours for the impending month at Tiger Muay Thai. But you know, to be happiest in life, we must be willing to adapt. To play the cards that we are given and to make our own fun. So, unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to try and choke anybody this week. But I did have all manner of unpredictable and wacky adventures. Including but not limited to:
I used my (terrible!) Russian language skills to meet new friends.
I wove my way through the thronging mass-human street partys of Distortion, hugging strangers and sharing sweat/drinks/laughter in the streets of Copenhagen.
I got myself lost and overwhelmed by the Danish public transport system, so much so that I had to be rescued by a lovely Viking lady after visiting the free city of Christiania.
I danced my way through pubs, clubs, streets, festivals, islands, tunnels, bridges, buses, tents and shipping containers.
I meet celebrity tattoo artists and watched a Danish cage-fighter DJ in a neon chicken suit.I meditated in the sunshine amongst Copenhagens beautiful greenery .


I raved all night and slept all day, waking up in time for hostel ‘happy hour’  (chocolates courtesy of my Irish bunkmates).

I met Hungarians, Russians, Estonians, French, Canadians, Finns, Dutch, Danish, Swedes, Irish, Scottish, Americans, Polish, Kiwis, English and of course; bloody Australians. In doing so, I gained drunken glimpses into different cultures and many different peoples. Explored dreams, learnt some history and discussed desires for the future. I became part of a drunken Danish belly wrestling group, losing woefully. I caved to inexplicable social pressure and licked a strange man’s nipples. I was accosted by Danish students who insisted I was blessed by Unicorns and reverantly garbed me in flowers. I had a beautician/scientist inexplicably yet forcefully wash my hair at 5am, for no reason at all. I even won a game of pool, that’s been awhile! I drank, I danced, I made my ancestors proud.


The entire week has been a blur of madness and misadventures of a social, solo-traveling drunk white guy. As I type this however, the BJJ Globetrotters will be involved in a friendly Jiu Jitsu tournament to wrap up the party camp, which I have been eagerly anticipating for months. If I could choose, I would much rather be there than here typing of my drunken antics on a keyboard. But sadly, we don’t always get to choose in life. And since I am here, in this situation, I am going to do my best to enjoy it. And you know what? Lying here in the hostel common room, with my Danish beer and my tasty Danish pastry….things aren’t so bad. Not my first choice, but fuck it, today is still a really good day to be alive.
Tomorrow I fly for Thailand, with a brief yet exciting stop-over in Moscow airport (time for more shamefully bad Russian practice). Stay tuned for more stangeness and bad grammar.

Peace. Love. Triangles. (And drunk hugs)