A new hope…

Bonjour from Belgium! Plot twist!
So, I AM indeed taking the slow road back to employment; I intend to return to my old post as a Live in Carer & regain my functional rhythm whilst earning gold coins. Not as exciting as riding about SE Asia…but should set me in good stead for 2016. Fortunately, I liked my job, which is a great thing to be able to say. I will have had nice break from the grind, so I think I will be ready when the time comes. But, before then, there is much adventure to be had. Firstly in Belgium, of course! The land of Beer, waffles, fries & chocolate. Seriously, that’s what this place specializes in, I mean….well done Belgium. Getting here on short notice was a bit of a challenge, involving planes, trains, buses & getting totally lost in a field in Germany as I took the cheapest possible route via Frankfurt. A sleep deprived adventure from which I have not regrets. And now, I am once again Volunteering, this time living with a Belgian family & renovating a home in the countryside that will eventually become a Bed & Breakfast. A much needed break from the chaos & grime of Bangkok, a slower pace, with hopefully much less madness.
NmadnessLet’s hope Friedrich, let’s hope.
But what of the martial arts? What about trying to make friends with people who choke you & being turned into a human pretzel? I’m glad you asked, for I have a plan.
A plan to shake free of the mental funk & physical flabbiness I have found myself shrouded in. First step, dramatic change. Hence flying from Bangkok to Frankfurt, then night busing to Aachen & catching a train to Liege, then a second train to finally arrive with my host in Belgium. Dramatic.
Second step:


That’s right, back to where it all began; The BJJ Globetrotters. Rolling with these guys was to be the first port of call on my (somewhat ill fated) trip. Now, it is the spark of hope that has led me halfway across the planet. I was crushed with disappointment after missing the camp in Copenhagen. And that is the point in time where my lifestyle began to turn from athletic pursuits to partying as I consoled myself with mischief. And now, a flabbier, combatively rustier version of myself get’s to try & right that wrong. From the 10-15th August, in the Belgian town of Leuven, I will join in with these badasses from across the world. And remember what it’s like to be a martial artist. I am unspeakably excited. The chance to snatch the prize which slipped through my fingers is ever so tantalizing. Rolling with BJJ enthusiasts from all over the world, seeing a host of different techniques….and actually getting to do BJJ again. Ahhhh, it’s fantastic. I have 9 or so days in which to prepare myself for what will be an absolute assault on my body & a huge stretching of my limited combative abilities. I don’t hold any illusions about what I can accomplish in that time, I know I (sadly) won’t walk into the camp a chiseled modern day ninja. But I will use the time wisely, something I haven’t done in far too long. There’s a time and a place to be frivolous. A time to party, a time to rest. I have certainly enjoyed both lately, probably too much so. Now, for me, it’s time to work. Work towards making a stronger version of myself. I must attempt to regain my momentum & restore the mental fortitude I once held.
Wish me luck eh?

With great optimism & strange Belgian cheek kisses, because that’s a thing here.
Peace, Love & Triangles