May 2016- To Greenland!

Much has happened since my last writing. Months have passed. Love, disaster, summer, laughter, weddings, heartbreak, sweat, more laughter, tears and lots of other things. Like Belt promotions….

(check out those sexy kneepads…..)

It doesn’t matter now, it’s in the past. Let us concern ourselves for now with the present. And the near future.

The present moment finds me jet-lagged and hungry in a terminal of Copenhagen airport, awaiting a flight to Greenland. I’m having trouble concentrating my foggy brain on anything in particular, so this probably won’t be my most eloquent post of all time. But it’s a exciting one nonetheless. I am heading to Greenland to meet up once more with The BJJ Globetrotters, for Greenland’s first ever Brazilian Jiu Jitsu camp. History in the making! Glorious, sweaty, pyjama party history- featuring (for better or worse) yours truly.

I arrived yesterday from Sydney & still have hours ahead of travel, so I’ll keep this brief & poorly written. But stay tuned fellow campers, fantastic once in a lifetime moments are coming soon. Until then, I’m going to try not to fall asleep & miss my flight. Pretty sure there is a awesome metaphor about life in there somewhere….

Until next time friends, be kind to children & enjoy flowers. Stroke a kitten. Call your mother. You know, the good things.

Peace. Love. Triangles.

from a very tired