Hi there!
My name is Scotty.

Just another human, doing human stuff.

I like wandering, martial arts and humanoids. Particularly Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, exploring new places and experiencing new ideas. Seeing life done differently.

This year I am going on an adventure to explore those interests, in the most unscripted way I can manage. I will travel the world and study the martial arts of the people I encounter. Judo in Japan? Muay Thai in Thailand? Viking grappling in Scandinavia? All this and more as I explore the planet and myself, whilst trying to make friends with people who beat me up.

Sounds fun right?

No phone. No return ticket.  Just a backpack and lots of ideas.

Inside you will find: Images of me getting my ass kicked, tales of my wayward adventures, travel stuff, coarse language, bad jokes, worse grammar and my observations about the human experience.

If any of those things interest you, you have come to the right place. Four letter words, face-punching and me being turned into a human-pretzel against my will. Guaranteed.



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